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It’s Frozé o’clock

Live from the Lions:


Your Take on the Future

At this years Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity we would like to invite You to share Your take on the future with us:


Take part in our 30 second interview snippets to share your take on the future with us in the Innovations hub, or use this form to tell us your take on the future:

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Good Karma champions equality, fairness and ecological awareness in the field of advertising production.

Imagine the ideal way to create content which uses all resources efficiently, maintaining high standards and being fair to all contributors and the environment.

We thrive to bring an end to the romanticization of the industry by nurturing creativity and providing our local professional partners with fair working conditions as exchange for their professional expertise.

Our vision leads the ad industry into a new age in which the optimal distribution of resources guarantees the optimal output for clients and contributors as we take aim at a fair future for people and planet.

We champion equal and fair work which benefits brands and creative professionals living up to their true potential. This distinct purpose of Good Karma is a blueprint for sustainable growth.

We believe in making a difference by inspiring brands to think ‘Fair Creative Work’ as we give creatives professionals a place to follow their passion.

Our clients gain the freedom of choice to shoot their products anywhere in the world as we invites brands to explore their resources in a new way with this altruistic approach: Together we are already stronger, partnering globally on a local level and setting the stage of our powerhouse of content production.