Cradle 2 Conscious - Establishing Change

1. About

Makona & Good Karma - The start of something big.

Lifestyle and branding specialists providing a collaboration for extraordinary holistic travel and brand experiences.

We create brand awareness and produce content for (living) a conscious holistic lifestyle.

Makona & Good Karma offer mindful content production and holistic retreats to inspire brands and the people that use them to grow and live sustainably & consciously.

1.1. Vision

We believe the key to sustain constant (sustainable and personal) growth (for brands and humans) is to approach life consciously. That is why we collaborate:

Through mindset development and conscious marketing to a holistic lifestyle and therefore better future.

1.2. Mission

We transform brand awareness into conscious lifestyle choices.

“It takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to build a lifestyle.” - Maxwell Maltz

We offer brands an opportunity to market their products in a new and unique way - via conscious marketing:

Our key anchor points are conscious and thereby authentic marketing and awareness creation through which we connect brands and humans with products, content and experiences.

We help brands to connect with customers that care.

We broaden the horizon and transform the mindset of humans for a better future.

We champion conscious use of products and count on human capacity for self awareness.

2. Problem / Status quo

From Circular economy to conscious economy

Rooted in the circular economy the concept of Cradle to Cradle was able to change how we make things:

Cradle to Cradle® is a holistic, economic and sustainable life cycle model for products developed by William McDonough - he is named on Fortune Magazine’s 2019 World’s 50 Greatest Leaders List at #24 amongst 49 others who are “transforming the world and inspiring others to do the same.”

““Green” architecture arguably went mainstream thanks to McDonough, whose firms designed eco-friendly campuses for such giants as Nike and Ford. Today he is a leading proponent of a “circular economy” in which sustainability drives all product design; he is steering an effort to redesign plastics using materials that won’t pile up in our oceans and bloodstreams.” - Fortune Magazine Online

Cradle to Cradle® evaluates product and production processes to ensure they use healthy materials, clean energy, have responsible water use procedures and proper take back mechanisms in order to create an eco-friendly supply chain. The model offers companies the opportunity to present their products as no longer just for sale, but as available for sustainable use.

But what about the marketing and consumer perspective?

3. Solution

Cradle 2 Conscious®

Now, it’s time to broaden the perspective and integrate the user also into the life cycle and existence of a product: With Cradle 2 Conscious® brands are able to educate the customer through conscious marketing to use the product in a conscious way.

A special certification for brands that care not only about how their products are produced - but furthermore are sensitive about the impact their products have on the planet. Through education and awareness creation we help brands to go the full circle with their vision - cradle 2 conscious. A certified cradle 2 conscious brand stands for fair production as well as conscious marketing.

Fair brands / products: explanation

Conscious marketing: explanation

3.1. The Cradle 2 Conscious Mindset & Community (more detailed)

Fair & responsible brands / products: explanation

Conscious marketing: explanation

Conscious lifestyle: explanation

Fair Brand + Fair Product + Conscious Marketing = Conscious Lifestyle for People that care.

With Cradle 2 Conscious we close the gap between the finished product and the consumer: Cradle 2 Conscious is not only about creating a fair product, but also about how the product is marketed and used.

Responsible living doesn’t stop after buying the product but only starts with the real people using it. Together we Makona & Good Karma can create a true holistic life-cycle of sustainable & conscious product use.

Marketing is a big part of how customers learn about products. Good Karma (the best agency for the planet) starts to extend the cradle to cradle concept via conscious content marketing:

We help brands to market the fair purpose of their product more efficiently to the right audience and to connect with customers that care. We empower people to go from cradle to conscious - from the fair product through conscious marketing to conscious living.

With the principles of self care and mindfulness settling into our daily lives brands find a strong sounding board: Makona (holistic retreat) looks at the cradle 2 conscious concept out of the customer perspective. We build a strong community and conscious living ecosystem. Key principles here are to inspire guests to live life more consciously while using the products in a sustainable way.

Makona facilitates a holistic lifestyle and collaborates with responsible brands that fuel the natural balance of mind, body and soul. At our conscious wellness retreats we help our guests to reset and relax as they connect with themselves and others.

Discover new perspectives, potentials and products that add value to your life. Live life sustainable & make conscious choices.