Our Story

True Cost unknown

“If you have enough budget to produce the shoot, but not enough money to pay the crew, then you don’t have enough budget to produce the shoot!”

In 2014 Julia already knew the Ad Industry from her former job as brand developer. There she experienced that client budgets where not spend fair - rather agencies paid some creatives in “Exposure”.

After talking to clients she realized that brands often did not know how agencies split up and spend their budgets. While working on different jobs around the world Julia saw this practice was all too common. Craving transparency the idea for a fair production agency was born.


Go Global - Shoot Local

After setting up fair and equal pay, Julia decided to further more work with just local professionals. This was the lead up to the full conscious production in which a true decrease of ecological impact of shoots was achieved. After all:

Why would you fly a production team around the world if you have perfectly professional people already on the ground?

Julia was looking for more efficient ways to produce content and in 2016 she came up with the concept called Road Trip for Brands. A production strategy that uses local creatives instead of flying around huge production teams. With this efficient resource management it was possible to reduce the impact of productions even more while saving brands time and money. This was the first big step to conscious content production everyone could profit from, even our planet.

Since 2018 the connections where made and we focus on the ecological impact even more:


Going Green

By using green locations, green concepts, organic products and fair production tools we where able to close the production cycle and give our clients a fully fair and green production flow.

With people + planet in mind we provide the globally first conscious content production. Good Karma is also he first conscious content production platform world wide championing: Sustainability, Equality & Fairness.

Go Conscious, with Good Karma 


We help brands to take action:

  1. Transparent booking

  2. Green Locations

  3. Sustainable Production Concepts

  4. Environmentally friendly Production

  5. Fair Wages

  6. Local Professionals

  7. High-end, natural and authentic Content