Our Vision

for people and planet

Our vision is to make ethical production the new standard in the advertising industry. We believe this is the best way to grow a business sustainably. 

We believe in making a difference by inspiring brands to think ‘Fair Creative Work’ as we give creatives professionals a place to follow their passion.

We provide a range of conscious production concepts that suit a wealth of brands in their goal to get the best work for their money as well as supporting our vision of a fair and green future. 

We support brands to explore their resources in a conscious and new way: We partner globally on a local level we set the stage for conscious content production.

Our Values

Our five core values are fairness, responsibility, mindfulness, pioneering and respect.

As we expand into new markets, recruit new talent and face new challenges, our core values guide our people in the decisions and actions they take every day.


1. Fairness

Good Karma was founded out of the need for a fairer treatment in the creative industry, this is why we want to carry fairness as our core value. Fairness lies at the heart of our corporation. 

Good Karma has a simple but clear purpose - to transparently connect brands with our creative partners that get treated fair, ethical and like the creative superstars they are. We owe it all to them.


2. Responsibility

We want to take action and create this new and responsible environment for creatives and clients. Responsibility is what it takes to set a new standard for the industry. We thrive to revolutionise the industry standard by implementing new norms.

We believe we can make a difference by inspiring brands to think Fair Creative Work and give creatives a place to follow their passion in the safe and friendly environment that Good Karma provides. We thrive to nurture creativity whilst providing fair conditions to our creative partners and clients. We are stronger together.


3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness stands for the profoundness of our core values, to remind us of the higher goal we want to serve to as company. It is about the people and their talents which we all benefit from, therefore we want to be acting mindfully all times and in everyday business. 


4. Pioneering

We see our creative partners, employees and brands that work with us as pioneers in this newly created ethical environment. Every person that feels drawn to this new standard of fair and equal work is welcomed by Good Karma. 

By creating awareness for fair working conditions, creating new working standards and providing brands with clear advantages we pioneer in building a new base for the creative industry.


5. Respect

Respect is what makes our company grow, we see the people that share their talents and offer them a respectful environment to do so. By encouraging a better standard and fair pay we impact the industry to do better and respect each other equally.

Good Karma wants to bring an end to Working for Free and guide the industry to a new standard in production that benefits both creatives and businesses.


Our distinct purpose, our values and our innovative business model will help realize our vision whilst growing our business sustainably. We will positively impact the environment and provide a fair place for creative work. 

- Time for Good Karma