Production Power in your Hands

Customize your shoot online and get what you want, when you want it for an all inclusive price.

The perfect Production Deal +


the perfect Location


= Your Perfect Shooting

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We provide 3 different kind of production kits

What’s the one that suits you needs? here are the facts:

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the classics Kit

What to do, where to shoot! Get ready to be inspired by classic renown production deals.

Get your lookbook, editorial or Social Media Content ready.

No more time to waist - Have a look, we got you covered!

shoot share

Looking to safe time & money? Share a shoot with these awesome production deal offers - Always new, always different.

Each shoot that is shared goes lower in price the more brands participate. Have a look where you can cut yourself an exotic deal - with Shoot Share!

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explorer kit

You want to go wild and see whats out there?

Here we got special offers that are not your usual Joe Shooting! See what’s possible - the sky is the limit.

(Except not for us - we also offer drones here;)

all production kits give you full control over your Production and transparency over your budget

Production Power in your hands.

      All Production Kits Include:

  • Individual Concept

  • Individual Moodboard

  • Creative (AD, CD, Designer)

  • Photographer / DOP

  • Crew (Styling, MuA, Digi Assi, ...)

  • Model / Add-Ons Available

  • Fix Amount of Deliverables (Add-Ons Available)

  • Buy-Outs (Add-Ons Available)

  • Fix Budget (Changes with Add-Ons)

     Deals Variate with:

  • Location

  • Timing

  • Package Amount